Hello baby bump!

During this trimester your baby is going to grow from the size of a peach to a cauliflower! So while the morning sickness and fatigue may be starting to wear off a little and energy levels start to come back (hoorah!), the movements you do will begin to look and feel a little different over these few months. The space we once had at our mid-section is slowly disappearing and with that comes extra weight to carry and a shift in our centre of gravity - which means balance can be a little more wobbly!


With this in mind, further modifications are going to have to start being made with our attention focused on correct alignment, good posture and movement to support the body, not cause it any unnecessary stress. What you can do in the first few weeks of this trimester will look different to what you can do towards the end, so as bump grows and your body changes, welcome the modifications and stop anything that no longer feels good for you. 

If you haven't started to use props in your practice already, now is the time to have them handy; a yoga strap, 2 blocks and a bolster/pillow will help you find comfort and space wherever you need it.

Find a variety of flows at the end of each section, each one with a different focus. And remember, all of these videos are here for you as and when you need them throughout your pregnancy - you can come back to any of them, anytime.