How are we doing mama?

You're in the final few months of your pregnancy and you may be feeling anxious, excited, tired or working through some of the same symptoms you experienced during your first trimester - whatever it may be, just know that you don't have long now until you meet your little one!  

The third trimester is a time to take things a little easier as your body and mind continue to prepare for the big day. You may find your body starts to take things slower naturally, so respect that and if you're tired, rest! Move if you need to move and continue to nourish your body in the best way possible with a healthy, balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

Staying active is definitely something we continue to encourage during this time, however we will start to think about reducing the length of our practices, what we include within them and focus on preparation for labour through postures to support birthing positions and breathing techniques. Our main focus now is to find comfort over anything else, so while you'll still find strength based flows in this section, enjoy the modifications and utilise the props we use for support. Use these last few weeks to slow down a little - take a step back and connect with yourself before your things get a little busy again!

See you on the mat!