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MAMA FLOW is the online platform for everything yoga, movement, health & wellbeing for during and after your pregnancy. Whether you're expecting a baby or have recently become a new mum, here you will find the tools and information to keep you both happy & healthy while maintaining a balanced, active lifestyle.


Work through the trimesters week by week, learn how to move your body safely and modify the postures exercises with our step-by-step videos. Whether you're looking to build strength, maintain your mobility or relax with a more restorative class - you'll find it all here for whenever you need them.


Learn how to reconnect with your body and breath once you feel ready to start gentle exercise again. We'll focus on building any lost core strength back, slowly & safely with a focus on pelvic floor, good posture, correct engagement and diaphragmatic breathing.


Each trimester is broken down into 3 week blocks

Find key statistics for each week here

The fruit along the top represents what size baby is that week!

... and "good to know" information here too

Full body, restorative or symptom specific flows can be found on each page; related to the key information mentioned above and accessible for whenever you want them!

The helpful tips section provides you with things you many not have thought of and things to consider at this stage of pregnancy

Pregnancy is amazing - the fact that we as ladies can grow a tiny human inside us is a miracle! To study & learn about this incredible time in a woman's life is something I find so interesting; to then combine it with my passion for yoga is a dream job. It allows me to provide both mums-to-be and new mums with the information and tools to help them build confidence and strength within a practice to support their ever-changing bodies.

While it's great that the information surrounding exercise and movement in pregnancy is becoming more readily available, I feel there still isn't enough out there to guide women through the do's and don'ts during pregnancy, and most importantly, once baby has arrived.

The information can be limited, confusing and contradicting at times, so my aim is to help you understand it all; how to approach different movements and how to modify them as and when you need to throughout the trimesters/for any symptoms you might be experiencing.

See you on the mat, 

Ellie x

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